Clear Quench 200MM

Clear Quench 200MM is recommended for modified marquenching operations. Normal operating temperature range is 200 – 250°F. Clear Quench 200MM is formulated from a highly refined paraffinic base oil, a combination of high temperature oxidation inhibitors and a synthetic quench rate accelerator. This combination produces a clear quench oil with quench speeds similar to conventional fast quench oils with higher oxidation stability and reduced sludging tendencies. As a result, stain free, bright finished parts can be expected.

Clear Quench 200MM helps to protect against undesirable quench cracks and the need for press quenching and straightening. This product allows for both a high hardness and long service life while also being easy to remove from finished parts by either water spray or immersion. It is recommended for use in a typical furnace atmospheres and in vacuum systems.

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