Bernite DB 22

Bernite DB 22 is a chemical compound that will quickly and effectively dissolve the salts
used in aluminum dip brazing without affecting the base aluminum. It will completely
remove all traces of the flux bath in a fraction of the time heretofore required and will also
eliminate the need to rework the parts multiple times.

Bernite DB 22 is supplied as a white crystalline powder made up of a complex of acid
salts with wetting agents, sequestering agents and inhibitors. It is mixed with hot water
and can be used in a soak tank or in ultrasonic equipment.

This most effective flux salts remover was originally evaluated on aluminum alloys 6061
and 1100 and on brazing sheet) 21, 22, 11 and 12 with no changes in critical dimensions.
Bernite DB 22 was used initially on aluminum structures in the form of channels, cores,
honeycombs, angles and flat surfaces. The complete removal of the aluminum dip
brazing salts was tested by x-ray and a 5% silver nitrate solution. The various parts were
exposed to a humidity chamber for 24 hours and then tested again.

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