Aquaese E 450

Aquaease E 450 is a powdered alkaline electro cleaner for use in lines, which process
ferrous metals. Because of Aquaease E 450’s exceptional high conductivity and
formulation, it is suitable for cleaning ferrous metals soiled by smut, light weld or heat scale,
rust stains or other general stains. Aquaease E 450 may be used either anodically
(reverse) or with periodic reverse (P.R.) electro cleaning in rack or barrel lines. The P.R. is
generally used when the removal of scale is involved. Aquaease E 450 is a phosphate and
cyanide free product and its surfactant system is biodegradable. Although Aquaease E 450
was formulated for smut and scale removal, it may be used in operations which only require
an anodic cleaner (reverse). The added benefits of the formulation provide additional
insurance in an operation.

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