Ultrex CW

An immersion oxidizing material for copper-based alloys, white metal, tin-lead alloys and silver.

Ultrex CW is a concentrated, mildly acidic, non-sulfide containing liquid material formulated to produce an oxidized finish on a variety of base metals by simple immersion at room temperature. By varying the operating concentration of the Ultrex CW, a range of color tones, from brown to purple, to gray black, can be obtained. These colors may be obtained by immersion of the parts or by wiping the Ultrex CW onto the parts to be oxidized. The tone and adhesion o f the Ultrex CW immersion deposit will also be influenced by the base metal being treated. The most uniform and adherent finishes will be produced on thoroughly clean solid brass, copper, or silver. Plated parts can also be treated in the Ultrex CW solution provided the plated coating is of enough thickness. To obtain uniform finishes on plated parts, the plated deposit should be relatively uniform.

The surface finish produced by the Ultrex CW solution is extremely thin and can readily be obtained by tumbling, steel wool wiping, scratch brushing or mechanical polishing. Unique and interesting “antiqued” and ”highlighted” finishes are be produced in this matter.

Applications for the Ultrex CW solution include antiquing for Tiffany lamps, buttons, ornaments, hardware components, etc. Ultrex CW can also be used to produce antique pewter effects, for color coding of parts and as a final uniform finish. Since the Ultrex CW deposit is quite thin and has little corrosion resistance, parts treated with Ultrex CW should be lacquered for maximum service.

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