Quick Pik 7

Quick Pik 7 is a convenient to use, free-flowing mixture of dry acids. It is dissolved in water and used at room temperature to remove light to medium surface rust from steel and to activate steel surfaces prior to blackening with Black Magic blackening solutions. Heavily rusted surfaces may require elevated temperatures of 150°F to 170°F. It is used following the water rinse after conventional cleaning of the steel surfaces.

Quick Pik 7 is more moderate in its action on steel surfaces than muriatic or sulfuric acids. Provides a uniformly active surface. Does not produce the undesirable fumes given off with strong acids. It also eliminates the hazards of handling liquid acids. No venting required when used at ambient temperatures.

Quick Pik 7 may also be used to prepare and activate zinc plated surfaces, die cast surfaces, copper and copper alloy surfaces prior to blackening, antiquing, chromate conversion coating or other finishing.

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