Neutral Salt MB

Neutral Salt MB is a chemically balanced mixture of chlorides designed for operation in a specific range of temperatures for neutral hardening of lawn mower blades. All chemicals incorporated into the formulation are technical grade to insure a high purity, high grade, trouble-free mixture. Neutral Salt MB solidified salts are easily removed from the heat- treated work and those which require oil quenching.

Neutral Salt MB is used as a neutral molten salt bath for a heat transfer medium in the heat treatment of medium or high carbon steels and low alloy steels. It can also be used for reheating carburized steels and annealing. *For short periods of time, Neutral MB can be used at 1700oF. but not for continuous periods. After using at this temperature, it should be lowered to a maximum of 1600oF.

Neutral MB is a neutral salt mixture when properly maintained by periodic chemically testing and, if necessary, rectifying, will neither carburize nor decarburize the metal surfaces being heat treated. Chemical testing kits and chemical testing procedures are available for maintaining the neutrality of the Neutral B salt bath.

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