Neutral Salt A

Neutral Salt A is a chemically balanced mixture of chlorides designed for a specific range of operating temperature. Neutral Salt A has a low melting point (10000F.) and can be operated at a low temperature of 11000F. to a high temperature of 17500F. and intermittently for short periods of time, up to 18500F.

Neutral Salt A is used as a neutral molten salt bath for heat transfer medium in the heat treatment of medium in high carbon steels and low alloy steels. It can also be used for reheating carburized steels and annealing. Neutral Salt A is a neutral salt mixture and when the production salt bath is properly maintained by periodic chemically testing and, if necessary, rectifying, will neither carburize nor decarburize the metal surfaces being heat treated. Neutral A can be used as a pre-heat prior to high heat high speed salt baths and as a quench after coming out of the high heat high speed salt bath.

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