Military Deruster

Military Deruster is a liquid acidic cleaner conditioner for ferrous metals, aluminum alloys, zinc coated steel, zinc die castings, copper, brass alloys and stainless steel alloys.

Military Deruster is formulated to remove shop oils, rust, heat scale, weld scale, white rust, flux residues, oxides and tarnishes.

It is Mil-C-10578 D, Type II compliant.

Military Deruster solutions also can serve as a conditioner by converting the metal’s surface into a metal-phosphate during the cleaning operation. Ferrous metals, aluminum alloys and zinc surfaces are the metal surfaces that can be converted into a metal-phosphate, which serve as a paint base.

Another important feature of the Military Deruster is that it is an energy-saver product. Because of its formulation, this product can be used to clean metals in temperatures ranging from 75°F to 160°F (24 to 71°C).

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