Metal Guard 512

Metal Guard 512 is a concentrated rust preventive compound that is diluted with mineral spirits, Stoddard solvent or high flash point mineral spirits to yield a general-purpose water displacing rust preventive.

Metal Guard 512 when diluted at a ratio of 3:1 (25% by weight Metal Guard 512 to 75% by weight mineral spirits), will yield an oily wet final film rust preventive. Other ratios may be used to produce heavier or lighter coating depending on customer requirements. The use of higher flash point mineral spirits will produce somewhat wetter and slower drying protective coatings.

Experimentation with small quantities of Metal Guard 512 and diluents is recommended to ensure compatibility and determine solubility when diluents other than mineral spirits are used.

Metal Guard 512 is a pourable viscous solution at temperatures above 70°F, and mixing is suggested prior to blending with the solvent diluent. The use of any solvents should be only in well ventilated areas. When using low flash point solvents, be sure to ground all tanks, drums and equipment to prevent static discharge. Keep all sources of spark or flame away from any areas in which flammable or combustible materials are in use.

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