Metal Guard 320

Metal Guard 320 is an economical and versatile rust-preventative soluble oil, which when mixed with water and heated to 140F to 150F leaves a corrosion-resistant, semi-dry film. Metal Guard 320 is typically applied to metal surfaces by immersion, however, it can be brushed or sprayed as well.

Metal Guard 320 is an excellent rust preventive recommended for “dry-to-touch” finish requirements on phosphate surfaces specified for military and automotive applications. A ten percent solution of Metal Guard 320 will provide 250 – 300 hours of ASTM B-117 salt spray protection over a heavy zinc phosphate coating. Metal Guard 320 is also recommended for use on black oxide and bare steel surfaces.

A “dry-to-touch” film is obtained on phosphate surfaces when Metal Guard 320 is used at concentrations of 10% by volume or less.

Metal Guard 320 has a long production life and the concentration can be maintained by adding more Metal Guard 320 and water.

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