Metal Guard 310

Metal Guard 310 is an economical and versatile rust preventative, which leaves a corrosion-resistant, semi-dry film. Metal Guard 310 can be mixed with water in proportions ranging from 5 to 50% by volume, depending upon the desired degree of dryness and final film thickness. A “dry-to-the-touch” film is obtained on zinc phosphate surfaces when mixed at a ratio of one-part Metal Guard 310 to 8 parts of water. It is heated to 150°F, and is applied by dipping, spraying or brushing.

Metal Guard 310 is excellent when used as a quench oil after tempering where a black quenched finish is desired. For this application, the Metal Guard 310 is used at 15% by volume and 150°F. The surface temperature of the parts when quenched in the Metal Guard 310 should be a minimum of 625F. in order to produce the black finish.

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