LaserGuard II

Laserguard II is a chrome free liquid product that is added to a water rinse to prevent tarnishing, staining, green salt formation, pit corrosion, finger marking and spotting-out of copper surfaces.

Laserguard II is used in conjunction with the laser pickling system in copper and brass milling application.

Laserguard II is ideally suited for application in the final water rinse (still) following the copper plating or pickling process because it will preserve the fresh appearance for weeks, even under high humidity storage conditions.

Laserguard II solutions may be used to protect copper, brass or their alloys.

The barrier film produced by the Laserguard II solution is completely invisible and has many times the corrosion resistance of bare copper. It will withstand 200 hours exposure to tropical humidity conditions without discoloration, whereas bare copper will start to corrode after one hour.

Note: Laserguard II is not recommended for protecting copper surfaces against outdoor exposure. The Laserguard II should only be used on work that is stored indoors.

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