Inhibitor 11 is a liquid product used in a hydrochloric or sulfuric acid solution to inhibit the attack of the acid on steel or cast iron in a pickling operation.

Inhibitor 11 will “plate out” on the steel or cast-iron surface but not on the rust or scale. The sulfuric acid will then only be consumed in dissolving the rust and scale. Once the rust and scale have been dissolved the Inhibitor 11 will cover this area, preventing further reaction of the acid solution on the metal’s surface.

In summary, Inhibitor 11 will only allow the acid to react with the scale and rust – not with the surface of the metal. Consequently, the inhibitor’s function is twofold:

1. Conserve acid: the acid is only consumed in the rust and scale removal. 2. Eliminate needless pickling of the metal, which will destroy its surface.

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