Enerox Acid Salt S 37

Enerox Acid Salt S 37 is a convenient powdered fluoride containing product used in place of mineral acid solutions for pickling and activating metal surfaces prior to plating. Enerox S 37 effectively dissolves oxide and silicate films remaining from alkaline cleaning and promotes excellent adhesion of electrodeposits to most all metals. It is particularly effective on zinc die cast alloys, lead, tin, leaded brass, white metal, and other difficult-to-activate metals.

Enerox Acid Salt S 37 will operate over wide limits of concentration and immersion times. Enerox S 37 salts are buffered to provide a constant level of acidity and uniform pickling throughout the life of the bath. Additionally, Enerox S 37 has a high tolerance for dissolved metals and thus may be used for long periods of operation before requiring replacement.

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