ENE Electropolish #9

The ENE Electropolish #9 is a proprietary electrolyte formulated and designed to process, when utilized under proper conditions and in conjunction with suitable equipment, non-magnetic stainless steels. The ENE Electropolish #9 is a stable, easily controlled and economic solution readily adaptable to obtain the many advantages inherent in the electropolishing process.

In electropolishing, the work piece is made anodic in the strongly acidic ENE Electropolish #9. As current is passed through the part, metal is dissolved from the surface of the part at a rate dependent on the current density applied and the temperature of the electrolyte. In the electropolishing process, metal is removed more rapidly from the high points of the metal surface and this produces the effect of smoothening and brightening the metal surface. This preferential metal removal rate also permits the electropolishing process to be effectively utilized for the deburring of metals.

Electropolishing by removing surface inclusions, surface skin and through the formation of anodic oxide film, increases the corrosion resistance and passivity of the metal, as well as serving to reduce surface stresses and strains. Similarly, electropolishing will produce a clean, uncontaminated surface well suited for subsequent plating or for applications where exceptionally clean surfaces are required.

Electropolishing being both a surface and anodic phenomenon, does not cause hydrogen embrittlement nor does electropolishing change the basic composition or properties of the metal or alloy being processed.

The amount of surface metal which must be removed to obtain the desired effect from electropolishing is determined by initial surface quality of the part, the metallurgy of the part and the intended application for the electropolishing process.

As a rule, fine grained metals or alloys having a clean, scale free surface will electropolish best. Parts which have deep scratches, gouges, dents or are fabricated from non-homogenous or multi-phase alloys will not electropolish well or may require extended electropolishing times.

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