Emerald Seal 308

Emerald Seal 308 is an acidic, non-chromated final seal treatment for pretreatment systems prior to painting. The product’s concentrated liquid form allows quick bath make-up and adjustments to minimize maintenance time. This product is designed to produce a corrosion resistant, adhesion promoting metal surface profile, which will enhance the bonding of most organic finishes to the treated parts. Comparative testing has shown that the under-film corrosion and organic delamination is reduced compared to fresh or D.I. water final rinsing.

Emerald Seal 308 is a non-chromic acid product and greatly reduces the cost and efforts required for safe disposal in comparison to chromate-based materials. For best results, the metal surface should be properly prepared such that clean and deoxidized parts are exposed to the Emerald Seal 308 solution.

Emerald Seal 308 can also be used as a non-chrome seal to meet Mil-DTL-13924 and Mil-DTL-16232.

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