Emerald Paint-Prep 380 NP

The Emerald Paint-Prep 380 NP system is phosphate-free with no regulated heavy metals. It is specially formulated for use in the treatment of steel, zinc and aluminum surfaces for 4 to 7-stage spray washers. It is designed to help reduce energy costs by providing a very effective conversion coating that can be applied at temperatures ranging from 70°F to 110°F, resulting in lower energy costs. Since Emerald Paint-Prep 380 NP is phosphate-free, sludge is reduced to the minimum while waste treatment costs and other effluent issues are greatly diminished.

The Emerald Paint-Prep 380 NP system provides a microcrystalline surface in the nanometer (10-9m) range and this in a very short contact time of 15 to 30 seconds. Conventional iron phosphate coatings are usually in the micrometer (10-6m) range and it requires at least a 45 to 60 seconds contact time. The “nanocrystals” formed with Emerald Paint-Prep 380 NP increases the surface area of the substrate thus enhancing paint adhesion, corrosion protection and consequently salt-spray results. Typical coating weights vary depending on the substrate, application temperatures, and method of application. Emerald Paint-Prep 380 NP generally operates from 2 to 4% by volume, which is comparable to conventional iron phosphate products. Emerald Paint-Prep 380 NP should be preceded with a mild neutral pH type cleaner followed by one rinse stage or an alkaline cleaner followed by two rinse stages.

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