Aquapure Odor Zap

Aquapure Odor Zap is designed for odor control in the air, water, and sludge.

Aquapure Odor Zap is recommended for wastewater treatment plants: lift stations, wet wells, sewer lines, clarifiers, solids holding tanks, thickeners, anoxic lagoons or basins, and belt filter press. This includes evaporators, air scrubbers, and closed-loop systems. May be used in misting and fogging applications.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a colorless, toxic gas with a foul, pungent odor like that of rotten eggs. Often referred to as sewer gas, H2S is a result of the anaerobic breakdown of sulfates by Desulfovibrio disulfiram’s bacteria in an anoxic environment. Controlling this gas is one of the most challenging aspects facing the municipal wastewater and industrial facilities today.

The gas is highly toxic to humans and will breakdown to corrosive sulfuric acid. Exposure to as little as one part per million (ppm) of H2S can cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory system. At 500 ppm, reasoning and balance is compromised, and exposure to the gas becomes fatal at levels above 700 ppm.

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