Aquapure Odor-Lock

Aquapure Odor Lock is a catalytic blend of odor neutralizer and counteractant components formulated to neutralize malodors on contact. It is a liquid proprietary blend of compounds utilizing the newest of odor locking technology that works well on solid sludge, land fill and odors in the air.

When sprayed, Aquapure Odor- Lock mist reacts with odor causing gases of organic and inorganic materials and converts them into odorless, stable and non-toxic compounds. Aquapure Odor Lock is highly effective in neutralizing odorous gases including hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, ammonia, skatole, indole and trimethylamine.

Aquapure Odor Lock is sprayed (misted) into the air around and directly onto odorous surfaces such industrial sludge, garbage or odoriferous roll offs etc. It is used as needed. Aquapure Odor-Lock can also be added to mop water and coolant for use on floors.

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