Aquapure FA

Aquapure Ph Down is an acidic product and should be handled accordingly. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles when handling the product. Flush exposed areas immediately with clean, cold water. Contact a doctor immediately in case of injury.

Aquapure FA is a liquid 50% by weight aluminum inorganic coagulant for wastewater treatment. It is designed to treat spent photopolymer resist strippers and developers effectively and economically. Aquapure FA has several advantages over powder treatments including no hazardous dusts, ease of handling and metering, and no long mixing times or sludge problems. Aquapure FA will allow the spent photopolymer to be easily pressed into a non-sticky cake.

Aquapure FA is also effective in settling suspended precipitates in conjunction with Aquapure P 601. Aquapure FA will cluster the precipitate into a manageable
mass. Aquapure FA is most effective when metered on a continuous basis. An automatic dosing system functions very well for this application.

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