Aquapure Bio 52L

Aquapure Bio 52L odor eliminator is a superior, multiple action product that effectively
eliminates a wide variety of offensive odors caused by the degradation of organic matter.
Aquapure Bio 52L concentrate contains an inorganic compound, which has been proven
to chemically convert H2S into nonodorous, nontoxic byproducts. Aquapure Bio 52L also
retards the formation of desulfovibrio disulfiram’s bacteria, which is a predominant
producer of H2S by encapsulating the sulfide preventing it from being expressed
without the toxic effects associated with other technologies. Desulfovibrio disulfiram’s
bacteria are generally located behind the slime layer in the pipe system. Reaching these
bacteria is key so Aquapure Bio 52L incorporates a degreaser/penetrant to remove the
slime layer and allow access to the bacteria. Once retarded, the sulfur reducing bacteria
cannot reduce sulfates to mercaptans and sulfides. The product is designed to work in all
environmental areas for odor destroying action. Aquapure Bio 52L can be applied in
tandem with the Aquapure Bio 20.

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