Aquapure Bio 20 C

Aquapure Bio 20 C is a broad spectrum of selected and adapted, psychrophilic microbial
cultures designed to degrade hydrocarbon industrial wastes, thereby enhancing TOC,
COD, BOD and TSS removal in industrial or joint municipal/ industrial wastewater
treatment plants operating under cold water temperature conditions (2°to15°C). The
cultures in Aquapure Bio 20 C are capable of degrading wastes containing strong organic
matter and semitoxic compounds that interfere with normal biomass activity. Biomass
optimization with Aquapure Bio 20 C will allow for effective treatment of complex organics
such as, but not limited to; phenols, alcohols, surfactants, detergents, glycols,
naphthalene’s, amines, nitriles, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, cutting oils,
styrene, and low levels of cyanide. Aquapure Bio 20 C can also be used effectively for soil
and groundwater remediation projects.

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