Aqualube 1 XC

Aqualube 1 XC is non-amine soap based general-purpose lubricant for use on most metal substrates. It is formulated to prevent tarnish (oxidation) from occurring on brass and copper during forming operations and in post forming storage.

Aqualube 1 XC contains no extreme pressure additives. It is however, for this reason, easily removed from parts using mild cleaners when required.

Aqualube 1 XC is designed to produce an invisible soap film on the surface of metallic substrates to impart “slip” to parts such as fasteners, clips, grommets, findings, eyelets, and other small parts. This is often desirable on surfaces that inherently lack an appreciable degree of lubricity such as stainless steels, nickel, and aluminum.

Aqualube 1 XC can be used after cleaning or plating as a water shedding agent, to impart short term in process corrosion resistance, and lubricity.

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