Semiconductor & Electronic Grade Chemistries from World Class Manufacturers

When You Can’t Afford To Be Line Down

For best in class semiconductor grade chemicals, Hubbard-Hall stocks high purity acids, solvents, BOEs, Mixed Acid Etches, and other blends from the best U.S. producers of wet process chemistry.

Our Boston area warehouse is designed for advanced material distribution with temperature controlled storage, shelf life guarantee, and just in time delivery.

Solving the Supply Chain Issue in The Semiconductor Industry with Carter Burningham

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Cutting Edge Photoresists and Other Specialties

Hubbard-Hall partners with FujiFilm Electronic Materials to provide the semiconductor industry with the world’s best:

  • Photoresists
  • Developers
  • Strippers
  • Edgebead removers and other advanced materials

Your engineering team benefits from Fujifilm Electronic Material’s respected technical expertise and your procurement team gets to enjoy Hubbard-Hall’s white glove distribution services.

Let us know if you need any facilities type chemicals for neutralization and waste water treatment.

High Purity, Semiconductor Grade Chemicals

Dilute Hydrofluoric Acid (HF)Hydrogen PeroxidePotassium Hydroxide
Hydrochloric AcidNitric AcidSpecialty Blends
Hydrofluoric AcidMethanolSulfuric Acid
Mixed Acid Etched Blends (AE)AcetoneGold Etchant
Buffered Oxide Etch (BOE)Isopropyl AlcoholNickel Etchant
ZyliteN-Methyl PyrrolidoneFreckle Etch
N-Butyl AcetateAdhesion Promotor 100%

Scrubber, Neutralization and Waste Treatment Chemicals

Caustic SodaCoagulantsFlocculants
Hydrogen PeroxideLime, DryLime Slurry 30-39%
NOX DownSodium ChlorateSodium Hydrosulfide
Sodium SulfideSulfuric Acid

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