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Chemical Services

Lab Analysis & Process Audits

Hubbard-Hall’s analytical services and chemical testing labs can provide you with accurate measures of your cleaning process. We monitor for temperature, concentration, pH and oil contamination to ensure that you get consistent results and the level of cleanliness required in your facility.

Accurate Consistent Measures of your Cleaning Process


  • Aqueous cleaner testing for concentration, pH, oil contamination
  • Tank Maintenance
  • Total process management
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Operator training
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Tank cleanout
  • Filter Service
  • Comprehensive waste disposal
  • Process control


  • Ensure consistent results, establish and maintain performance parameters, reduce down time and rejected work, provide critical baseline for quality control.
  • Reduce downtime due to unscheduled maintenance
  • Consistent performance from optimal conditions
  • Reduce costs with bundled waste services
  • Trouble-shoot potential leaks, improve consistent cleaning efficiency
  • Continuous monitoring for peak performance
  • One source
  • Maintain consistent quality identify issues before problems occur
  • Help to identify variances in quality or trouble shoot potential production problems
  • Continuous improvement with innovative solutions

Solvent Degreaser Analysis and Maintenance


  • Weekly Service
  • Testing for acid acceptance and pH level
  • Recommended stabilizer additions
  • Recommended adjustments of pH
  • Leak detection on equipment and still
  • Annual operator training


  • Ensure consistent results; reduce downtime and recleaning due to contaminated solvent.
  • Assist in OSHA compliance, promote safe handling and proper procedures to maximize degreaser efficiency
  • Reduce consumption and worker exposure.
  • Minimize waste
  • Eliminate acidic solvent conditions
  • Insufficient cleaning
  • Maintain solvent stability and ensure quality results
  • Increase valuable solvent life, reduce costly waste removal
  • Prevent costly change-outs, associated downtime and reduce maintenance costs
  • Provide increased worker safety and health, reduce exposure, and maintain system integrity