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“Having David and Hubbard-Hall on-board is like having a doctor always available to make a house call.”–  OMG Roofing Products.
For a step by step of a Hubbard-Hall technician visit and the benefits of an AquaPure house call, check out our infographic.
To schedule a House Call, please call 866.441.5831.

AquaPure is the name of the chemistry, but it also includes on-site visits, which we like to refer to as House Calls.

During a House Call, an AquaPure technician arrives on-site to evaluate the health of your WWT system.

The goal of a House Call is to optimize your system by providing process improvement recommendations and the required training for your operators.

Whether it is just your annual checkup or a WWT emergency, an AquaPure House Call usually consists of:

Health Diagnosis – Project Outline Meeting:

AquaPure technician discusses the current state of your WWT process and reviews any potential process improvements.

Improvements can include:

  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing costs and/or energy usage
  • Eliminating discharge issues

Physical Examination – Equipment Review:

The next step is to assess your equipment set-up to ensure type and suitability of the WWT product. For example, a continuous flow system operates best with liquid products.

Laboratory Tests – Jar Testing (a.k.a., Bench Testing):

The technician tests your wastewater on-site or alternatively in our labs, depending on the wastewater.

Prognosis – Process Recommendations & Implementation:

Our deliverable includes:

  • Detailed process improvement report
  • Cost analysis
  • Templates to track WWT data
  • Staff training on new process(es), e.g., correct dosing, testing procedures

To schedule a House Call, please call 866.441.5831.