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Oil in the System

Industrial wastewater treatment oil removal should be done “up stream” as much as possible.


Skimming can be done in segregated streams through the use of coalescers and skimmers (both on and off the line), overflow on process tanks and a variety of mechanical devices.


Oil can be removed by the addition of blended products that bind the oil for easy removal. Combined with the proper flocculant, the oil can be completely removed.

Recommended Products:

Aquapure™ Quick Drop One step treatment. Powdered blend of clays, polymers and conditioning agents used for massing solids together for easy removal.
Aquapure™ OB Effective over a wide pH range, this liquid polyquaternary coagulant and demulsifier is formulated for oily wastewater.
Aquapure™ OB Plus Similar to Aquapure OB, Aquapure OB Plus is a highly concentrated version used for clarification as well as dewatering of wastewater. Aquapure OB Plus can also be used as a demulsifer for oily waste water as well as liquid/solid separation during secondary treatment with DAF equipment.

Hubbard-Hall also offers a line of customized microbiology products, Aquapure™ Bio, for the maintenance of your tank when oil is introduced.