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Settle Precipitants In Your Wastewater Fast


Designed for operational efficiency in water treatment flocculation, Hubbard-Hall flocculants assist in finishing the settling process when time is limited.

These are our featured Flocculant Wastewater Treatment products. To see a more extensive list of 36 products, click here.

Wastewater Treatment: Flocculants
Features Aquapure AN Clear

Aquapure AS Plus

Aquapure B-CAT
Concentration 5-20 ppm 5-20 ppm 5-20 ppm
Surfactant Classification Anionic Anionic Cationic
Liquid x x
Powder x
Versatile x x
Ready-to-Use x
Primary Clarification x
Settling Suspended Solids x x
Multiple Precipitates x x
Organics and Bio-waste x

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