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Cut Down On Foam In Your Wastewater


When foam is an issue, Hubbard-Hall’s line of defoamers provide an effective knockdown and are formulated for a wide variety of applications in waste water treatment. Silicone defoamers and non-silicone defoamer products are available.

These are our featured Defoamer Wastewater Treatment products. To see a more extensive list of 36 products, click here.

Wastewater Treatment: Defoaming Agents
Features Aquapure DF-P Aquapure DF-SI Aquapure Foam Drop
Concentration 50-250 ppm 20-100 ppm .1%-.5%
Wastewater Treatment Process Chemistry General Industrial/Municipal
Silicone-Based x
Compatible with Membrane System x x
Food Processing x
Metal Working Fluid Processing x x

 Click here to see 36 products.