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Settle Precipitants In Your Wastewater


Performance and versatility are just two of the features of Hubbard-Hall’s water treatment coagulants. This line of Aquapure™ wastewater treatment chemicals begin the process of charge neutralization and colloid destabilization, allowing the precipitants to quickly settle into a dense form.

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Wastewater Treatment: Coagulants
Features Aquapure I-300

Aquapure ACP

Aquapure ICM
pH <2 3-4 2
Concentration 1-6 ml/gal. 1-2 ml/gal. 1-2 ml/gal.
Primary Metal(s) Reduced Copper, Nickel, Chromium Zinc, Copper, Nickel Steel, Phosphate, Bronze, Aluminum, Nickel
Reduces Mixed Metals x x x
Iron-Containing x x
Aluminum-Based x
Phosphate Reduction
Reduction x

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