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Heavy duty cleaning that’s safer for the environment

Developed by Hubbard-Hall, Emerald is an emerging line of earth friendly maintenance, hard surface and parts cleaners. The products are formulated to be highly effective yet safer for the environment and workers.

Since the launch of the first Emerald product in 1994, Hubbard-Hall’s commitment to provide greener technology has expanded to over 6 new products offering economical alternatives to in-process chemistry.

Emerald Products: Hard Surface and Parts Cleaners
Emerald HD2 A low foaming heavy duty, general-purpose mildly alkaline cleaner intended for industrial and institutional maintenance cleaning tasks. Emerald HD 2 is formulated with a biodegradable surfactant system derived from sustainable resources offering superior wetting, emulsification, and dispersion. Recognized by the Design for the Environment Program (DfE) for offering improved health and environmental characteristics.
Emerald SG 1 Simple, all-purpose maintenance cleaner for industrial and institutional cleaning tasks. Water-soluble, no solvents, caustics or phosphates. Biodegradable surfactants will clean a variety of oils, fats and particulate soils.
Emerald ICP 1 Heavy duty, soap based spray, soak and ultrasonic cleaner for parts cleaning. Compatible with all substrates, and will leave a light invisible film offering short term in-process corrosion resistance. Contains detergents that pass DfE screening. Effective and rapid, with no phosphates and caustic-free. Watch a video demonstration.
Emerald Super Soak Heavy duty cleaner for soak and ultrasonic parts cleaning. Designed for use where high detergency and high through put are required. Compatible with most substrates, but may impart a slight etch on aluminum. Free rinsing and contains raw materials that pass DfE screening. Mild pH
Emerald Super Soak Plus Heavy duty, mildly alkaline aqueous cleaner with high solvency for soil removal when used in immersion and ultrasonic cleaning operations. Emerald Super Soak Plus will produce moderate to low foam and is suitable for cleaning steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze and zinc substrates.
Emerald Acid Clean #1 Highly concentrated organic acid based cleaner and burnishing compound for steel, stainless steel and copper based substrates. Will also remove light rust, scale and oxidation. Very high detergency. Contains surfactants and solvents that pass DfE screening. Does not contain mineral acids or halogens. Non-fuming. Watch a video demonstration.
 Emerald SF Heavy duty for general hard surface cleaning. Highly concentrated detergent blend effective where a stong emulsifying cleaner is required. Cleans oils and other food based materials from floors and machinery. Very low odor; useful for application where high odor abosorbing ingredients are processed. Mild pH.