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Water-Displacing Rust Preventive

Dip, Spray or Brush Applications

Immerse parts while water wet and the solvent-based Metal Guard® will displace the water to the bottom of the tank for periodic draw-off. These polar, water-displacing rust preventives can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing.

Non-solvent based water-displacing rust preventive options are also available.

These are our featured Water-Displacing Rust Preventative products. To see a more extensive list of 41 products, click here.

Rust Preventative: Water-Displacing
Features Metal Guard 450 Metal Guard 510 Metal Guard 560
Recommended Operating Temperature
Ambient Ambient Ambient
Concentration Use As Received Use As Received Use As Received
Base Solvent Solvent/Oil Solvent/Oil
Flash Point 142F 145°F 142°F
Film Characteristic Dry-to-Touch Thin Oil Thin Oil
Corrosion Protection (ASTM B-117) 48 hrs. 100 hrs. 180 hrs.
Mineral Oil-Free x

 Click here to see 41 products.