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Rust Removers for Remanufacturing

We Slay Rust

Removing the rust is one of the first procedures required to determine if the core is worth salvaging. Selecting the right chemistry to break up, scour and lift away the harmful corrosion, without Rust Slayer rust remover for remanufacturing.damaging threads, or dissolving softer metal alloys is what we do best.

Our new Rust Slayer ALK-2L is a prime example of our technical department working with remanufacturers to provide a heavy duty, economical work-horse rust remover for the most challenging components.

Below are the top rust removers that our technical team recommend for our remanufacturing customers.


Remanufacturing Rust Removers: Ferrous Metals
Features Lusterclean
11 L
Emerald Deruster
PH 7
Rust Slayer ALK-2L


pH 13-14 2 7 13-14
Recommended Operating Temperature 130-200°F 75-160°F 70-190°F 120-200°F
Concentration 30 to 50% by volume 2 to 40% by volume Full Strength 10 to 30% by volume
Application Immersion Immersion & Hand Wipe As Required Spray & Immersion
Substrate(s) Ferrous Ferrous Ferrous Ferrous
Equipment Mild teel tanks  All stainless steel Mild steel tanks & heating coils optional Mild steel tanks