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Industrial Aqueous Paint Stripper

Aquastrip ACB demo shows how it easily removes paint in sheets.

Remove Paint Without Damaging Parts

Once the grease, dirt, rust, carbon and paint are removed, the true value of the core can be evaluated. Sometimes mechanical means or blasting with various media will remove most of the remaining coating. However special attention is needed not to damage some multiple metals, including aluminum, copper alloys, magnesium or other softer, lighter metals as well as plastics and non-metallic materials.

This is where the Aquastrip line of specialized water-based chemical paint stripper products will remove coatings like CARC, powder, paint & electrocoat all while preserving the underlying substrate. Below are the top paint strippers that our technical team recommend.

Remanufacturing Paint Stripping: All Substrates
Features Aquastrip ACB Aquastrip 1200 Aquastrip AL
pH 3 – 4 12 – 13 10 – 12
Recommended Operating Temperature 140-170°F 150-200°F Ambient – 180°F
Concentration 50 – 100% 50-100% Full Strength
Application As Required As Required As Required
Substrate(s) Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Metals &
Masking Materials
Ferrous Metals Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Metals
Stripping Characteristic Breaks Bond, Removes in Sheets Dissolves Dissolves
Soluble In Water Form Suspension, Requires Agitation Form Suspension, Requires Agitation x
Chlorinated Solvent-Free x x x
Phenol-Free x x x
Free Rinsing x x x

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