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A core needs to be evaluated to determine if it is suitable to be remanufactured; after complete disassembly, the components are thoroughly cleaned. Remanufactured Diesel Engine CleanersThis is where we come in, providing expertise in cleaning for over 60 years, it is critical to provide the right blend of chemistry to adequately remove all of the contaminants while preserving the substrate. With the trend to reduce weight from engines, transmissions and other components, softer, lighter metal alloys, like aluminum and magnesium require unique cleaning techniques and additives.

Our technical team has adapted our product line over the years to meet the many challenges faced by customers in metal cleaning. Having over 100 solvent and aqueous cleaning products and the expertise to adapt the product line, puts us in a unique position to supply the remanufacturing market. Below are the top remanufacturing cleaners that we recommend.

Remanufacturing Cleaners: Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals
Features Lusterclean 11 L Aquaease
PL 918
Aquaease PL 85 Aquaease PL 714 Aquaease SL 80
pH 14 14 12+ 12-12.5 12.5+
Recommended Operating Temperature 130-200°F 90-200°F 150-190°F 120-170°F 140-190°F
Concentration 10-40% 5-25% 5-20% 2-10% 5-20%
Soak & Immersion Immersion & Spray Immersion & Spray Immersion & Spray Immersion
Substrate(s) Ferrous Metals Ferrous Metals Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals
Soak Time As Required As Required As Required   As Required  As Required
Phosphate-Free x x x x
Non-Chelated x x x
Low Foam x x Controlled Foam
Other Features  Cleaner & deruster combo for faster cycle times. Low foam at lower temperatures. Removes heavy oils & greases. Easily splits most oils & low foam. Heavy duty & safe on multi-metals.