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Chemistry & Expertise for Core Preparation Challenges

Our mission is to partner with remanufacturers to help them become more competitive by increasing process productivity through our chemistry and expertise. The life blood of remanufacturing is the core, which is the used, end-of-life, component that is critical to initiating the industrial process. The quality core is disassembled and brought back to life in the core preparation process.

Hubbard-Hall brings over 100 years experience in metal finishing, 556 custom products which include non-destructive cleaning chemistry and technical expertise to core preparation.

Remanufacturing - Core Preparation

Before & After Engine Block Core.

What makes Remanufacturing different?

Remanufacturing differs from traditional manufacturing in that it requires the knowledge of several variables that are constantly changing. Such as multi-metal substrates, unique part configuration, complex and unidentifiable contaminants. Hubbard-Hall has a dedicated technical team who provide process expertise in cleaning, stripping and preparing almost all metals, configurations, contaminants and environmental requirements facing manufacturers.

Remanufacturing Core Preparation Products Cores We Help Remanufacture:
  • High Value Durable Goods
  • Auto & Truck Engines
  • Drive Trains
  • Brake Calipers
  • Aerospace Landing Gear Assemblies
  • Axles & Turbos
  • CARC Military Cores 
  • Alloy  Wheels