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Chemical Strippers – Resist Stripper

These resist strippers are formulated for semi-aqueous and aqueous applications to provide maximum processing flexibility. Each stripper has unique features formulated for specific applications. These products may be applied by spray or immersion.

These are our featured Printed Circuit Board Resist Stripper products. To see a more extensive list of 23 products, click here.

Printed Circuit Board: Resist Strippers
Features Resist Stripper 17 Hallstrip RS 617
pH 14 14
Recommended Operating Temperature Ambient-160°F 100-160°F
Concentration 10-25% 10-15%
Soak Time 5-8 min. 5-8 min.
Phenol-Free x x
Chromate-Free x x
Silicate-Free x
Phosphate-Free x