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Chemicals Serving the PC Industry

Decades of Experience Servicing the Printed Circuit Board Industry

Hubbard-Hall offers a first rate, reliable line of printed circuit board chemicals for the conventional processing of two-sided board. We combine field experience and lab analysis to support this product line, and complement our formulated products with a full line of commodity chemicals used by the PC industry.

Full Line of Commodity Chemicals

Resist Strippers

Hubbard-Hall’s resist strippers are formulated for semi aqueous and aqueous applications to provide the maximum processing flexibility. The products may be applied by spray or immersion applications.

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Solder Strippers

Designed for peroxide and/or nitric acid systems, our line of solder strippers also offers one and two part systems for tin or tin / lead stripping.

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Solder Brighteners

After etching, solder surfaces can look tarnished and streaked. Hubbard-Hall’s line of solder brighteners and cleaners avoid the tarnish while delivering maximum neutralization of the etched salts.

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Hubbard-Hall offers a wide variety of auxiliary chemistries for the printed circuit board industry including: cleaners, defoamers, developers, microetches and anti-tarnishes.

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Miscellaneous Circuit Board Chemicals

Hubbard-Hall offers a wide variety of circuit board chemicals for the PCB industry. Please contact us for more information (phone/email) regarding your needs. Hubbard-Hall has proprietary products developed to meet your needs in the following areas:

  • PC Cleaners
  • Defoamers
  • Developers
  • Fluxes and Oils
  • Microetches
  • Ammoniacal Etchant
  • Anti-Tarnishes
  • Screen Ink Removers
  • Wastewater Treatment