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Phosphate-Free Conversion Coatings

Hubbard-Hall’s Emerald Paint-Prep line of low temperature and phosphate free conversion coatings offer a cost effective alternative to iron phosphate. Formulated to replace traditional iron phosphates, these coatings can reduce energy usage and environmental concerns, while increasing corrosion protection.

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Conversion Coatings: Zirconium
Features Emerald Paint-Prep 380 NP Emerald Paint-Prep 389 NP Emerald Paint-Prep 390 LT
pH <3 <5 <3
Recommended Operating Temperature Ambient 80-110° Ambient
Concentration 2-4% 1-5% 2-4%
Soak Time 15-60 sec. NA 15-30 sec.
Phosphate-Free x x
Water-Soluble x x x
Spray Wand Application x