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Remove Oxides from Metal


Used to remove oxides and scales on a variety of different substrates, these Hubbard-Hall products are available in a variety of formulations. We offer both acid blends and alkali blends in powder and liquid form to meet the needs of the application.

Alkaline based deruster and descaler type products offer the advantage of minimal base metal attack compared to acidic products. They will not engender hydrogen embrittlement. Alkaline-based products are not recommended on non ferrous metals with the occasional exception being made for copper.

Acid based products will deoxidize/descale steel and iron faster than an alkaline product. Acid based products are recommended for deoxidizing and descaling of aluminum alloys, brass, bronze, galvanized and zinc metal surfaces.

These are our featured Miscellaneous Deoxidizer/Descaler products. To see a more extensive list of 7 products, click here

Miscellaneous Metal Finishing: Deoxidizers/Descalers
Features Acid Brite 40 Acid Brite 50
pH <1 <1
Recommended Operating Temperature Ambient-120°F Ambient-120°F
Concentration 2-15% 2-15%
High Detergency
Free Rinsing x x
Water-Soluble x x

 Click here to see 7 products.