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Industrial Metal Cleaning for Steel Alloys


Hubbard-Hall’s line of electrocleaners is formulated for the soil and substrate being cleaned. Available in powder or liquid compositions, they may be used in anodic, cathodic or periodic reverse applications.

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Steel Cleaning: Electrocleaners
Features Aquaease E 159 Lusterclean 11L Cleaner 200 PWA
pH 14 14 14
Recommended Operating Temperature 140-205°F 130-200°F 120-200°F
Concentration 5-15% 10-25% 5-12%
Soak Time 1-3 min. 1-5 min. 3-6 min.
Powder x x
Controlled Foam x x
Phosphate-Free x
Non-Chelated x x
Non-Silicated x


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