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Cleaning Chemicals


Hubbard-Hall’s cleaning expertise goes well beyond just metal cleaning. Industries including transportation, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, microelectronics and laundry benefit from our technologies. Below are our top selling hard surface cleaning products.

These are our featured Non-Metallic Cleaning products. To view a more extensive list of 69 products, click here.

Cleaning: Non-Metallic
Features Bernite 35 Emerald SG 1 Bernite AR
pH 13+ 9-9.5 11-12
130-175°F 80-160°F Ambient
Concentration 2-6% .5-20% 2-12%
Soak Time 15+ min. 2-10 min. 15+ min.
Moderate Duty x
Free Rinsing x x  x
Non-Caustic x
Borate-Free  x x  x
Non-Chelated x
Powder  x

 Click here to see 69 products.