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Industrial Metal Cleaning for Copper

Spray Applications

Hubbard-Hall aqueous spray cleaners are designed with maximum flexibility to meet your particular needs. Formulated for use on all substrate materials, Aquaease spray cleaners vary in pH from 7.5 to 14, with applications in both light to heavy-duty cleaning applications. Many contain corrosion inhibitors that impart “in-process corrosion protection.”

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Copper Cleaning: Spray Applications
Features Aquaease PL 714 Aquaease SL 916 Aquaease PL 732
pH 12-12.5 14+ 8-9
Recommended Operating Temperature 120-170°F 120-160°F 100-180°F
Concentration 2-6% 4-6% 1-10%
High Detergency x
Heavy Duty x
Low Foam x x x
Free Rinsing x x
Nitrite-Free x x x
Silicate-Free x x
Non-Chelated x x x
Non-Caustic x x
Phosphate-Free x


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