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Industrial Metal Cleaning for Aluminum

Etch Applications

Strongly alkaline products formulated specifically for the simultaneous cleaning and/or etching of aluminum and aluminum alloys (wrought and cast).

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Aluminum Cleaning: Etch Applications
Features Etch Cleaner 6 LF Extend Etch Lusterclean W 67M
pH 14 14 NA
Recommended Operating Temperature 90-180°F 100-160°F Ambient-170°F
Concentration 3-12% 4% 1-10%
Soak Time .5-4 min. .5-2 min. .5-3 min.
Cyanide-Free x x x
Silicate-Free x x x
Caustic x x x
Free Rinsing x x x
Low Foam x x x
High Detergency x
Non-Dump System x


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