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Industrial Organic Solvents and Aqueous Cleaners

Hubbard-Hall's supply of solvent chemical and aqueous cleaners are designed to remove any soil based on your cleanings needs.For over 60 years, Hubbard-Hall has been supplying industry with both aqueous and organic solvent cleaning chemicals. Hubbard-Hall has the product to meet your cleaning needs regardless of the type of soil encountered, the type of surface or the type of cleaning equipment being used.

Hubbard-Hall’s technical team has adapted our solvent chemical and aqueous cleaner product lines over the years to meet the many challenges faced by customers in both metal and non-metal cleaning.

Organic Solvents Vs Aqueous Cleaners

Organic Solvent Cleaning Benefits:

  • Parts come out dry
  • Excellent for complex part geometry
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low equipment foot print
  • Ideal for cell manufacturing

Aqueous Cleaners Benefits:

  • No or low VOCs
  • No ozone depleting chemicals
  • Minimal hazardous waste
  • Excellent for removal of scales and oxides


It is also important to keep in mind that the selection of a cleaner can be influenced by the following factors:

  • The surface being cleaned: aluminum, copper/brass, steel, stainless steel, zinc or another hard surface.
  • The surface condition: rough, matte, buffed, polished, etc.
  • The surface geometry
  • The available cleaning equipment: soak, spray, electroclean, ultrasonic, vapor degreaser, etc.
  • The soil to be removed: drawing and stamping lubricants, oils and grease, fingerprints, marking inks, buff compounds, carbonaceous, scale and oxide, etc.