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Semiconductor Chemistry

Developers, Strippers and More

As a key supplier to the microelectronics industry, Fujifilm is committed to offering a comprehensive line of ancillary products to support the core photoresist, CVD and polymide products. Formulated products include photo resist developers, Edge Bead Removers, Etchants & Blends, and Strippers and Cleaners for Aluminum and Copper IC technology.

Photoresist Developers

A full range of metal ion free (MIF) photoresist developers suitable for immersion and in-line track development are offered. In addition, metal ion containing (MIC) photoresist developers are available to those customers that continue to use this technology.

Edge Bead Removers (RER)

Precision resist edge bead removal is a challenge handily met by the RER® line of products. Through innovative manufacturing and an unending pursuit of quality, the RER® line of products consistently exceed performance levels demanded by the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. Product purity is continuously verified through the use of state-of-the-art analytical tools, such as the High Resolution IPC Mass Spectrometer.

Etchants & Blends

No PFOS? No problem. Fujifilms’ line of surfactanated BOEs are completely PFOS free. Other proprietary MAEs, Dilute HF’s and specialty pad etches are available in package configurations ranging from small to bulk.

Stripper, Post-Etch Residue and Post-CMP Cleaners

The Microstrip® family of sidewall residue cleaners and photoresist strippers provides processing choices and performance advantages over current industry standards for both Aluminum & Copper technology.