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An AquaPure House Call A Day Keeps WWT System Malfunctions Away

Our on-site House Calls provide you with the service and know-how to keep your WWT system running at peak efficiency.

Much like the human body, an industrial wastewater treatment (WWT) system requires maintenance and care to remain healthy. Also like the human body, maintaining peak performance requires both exact chemistry and recommendations provided by a skilled professional you can rely on. This is where an AquaPure House Call comes into play. Hubbard-Hall acts as the on-call physician for the continued health of our clients’ WWT systems, providing on-site house calls to give system evaluations, process optimization, and operator training. 515 on-site wastewater house calls in 2015 reduced production shutdowns, slowdowns, and bottlenecks for AquaPure users.

Our detailed process allows us to identify any current and potential problems in your WWT system. Click on the image below to see the full infographic illustrating the 7 steps of an AquaPure House Call, or even better, contact us now to schedule your House Call.