Start Making a Difference with Your Cleaner Today

Would you dump a cleaner that looks like this?

When an emulsified bath gets dumped 50% to 75% of the cleaner does look like that but it is hard to see when a bath is clouded.  Once a cleaner is passed through the Arbortech washer membrane system you will receive consistent cleaner strength and save 30% or more on your cleaning costs.

The Difference Makes for an Easy Justification

The system works for a full pH range (0 to 14) and temperatures up to 200°F.

Additional benefits:

  • Generate less waste
  • BOD reduction
  • Reduction of organics in down line baths
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Cost Reduction Example

Annual Cleaner Spend$100,000
Cleaner Lost via Drag Out35,000Est. 35% drag out
Reclaim Efficiency90%
Cleaner Spend Reduction$58,50090% * ($100,000 - $35,000)
Monthly Lease Cost$2,200
Annual Cleaning Savings$32,100$58,500 - ($2,200 x 12 months)
Steps to Implementation

Steps to Implementation

  1. Bench test: to confirm ability to separate oil from cleaner.
  2. Demo Unit: to determine unit efficiency and optimize membrane porosity.
  3. Lease: this all inclusive equipment lease means that that there is no capital commitment on your behalf.

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