AquaEase Infinity Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering about the capabilities of AquaEase Infinity? Look through our FAQs to learn more about this cleaner and membrane system.

Q. What types of soils can be filtered with this technology?
A. Our stainless steel membranes are most effective at removing liquid, hydrocarbon based oils. The membranes will also remove water dispersible coolants in most cases.

Q. The oils in my cleaner bath float to the surface, can I still use technology to filter my bath?
A. No, our membranes can only remove oils that are emulsified in the cleaner bath. However, we can help to identify our best aqueous cleaners and equipment to remove floating oils.

Q. What type of soils are problematic for Infinity filtration?
A. Stearate based lubes, buffing compounds, and wax based soils can foul the membranes, and negate effectiveness.

Q. Will the Infinity system remove metals or salts from the bath?
A. No, our membranes will not remove particles, sludge, scale, or dissolved metals from the cleaner bath. We have other technologies available to mitigate those contaminates.

Q. How do I know the membranes aren’t removing all the cleaner additives?
A. In most cases, our tech service laboratory can provide testing that confirms the formulated cleaner components are not being removed during the filtration process. However, we can only guarantee on Hubbard-Hall formulated cleaners.

Q. Are there certain cleaners we have to use with the Infinity filtration?
A. We recommend that customers use the Hubbard-Hall aqueous cleaners that are formulated to work optimally with the Infinity system.

Q. Can I use Infinity to filter paint stripper baths?
A. No, paint solids in a chemical strip tank will immediately foul and clog the membranes.

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