Hot Test Fluid - Corrosion Protection Additive

Metal Guard 830 HTF is a water-soluble, hot test fluid additive designed specifically for today’s high
performance, multi-metal, internal combustion engines. Metal Guard 830 HTF is formulated to perform in both
conventional and synthetic engine coolants while providing superior corrosion for all internal engine surfaces.

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Engine Surface Compatibility

The ASTM D-1384 test data below was performed by a third party laboratory with Metal Guard 830 HTF at 5% by volume in city water. These results demonstrate its performance on the metals listed below.

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Why Metal Guard 830?

Superior corrosion protection during testing and storage.


Learn about corrosion protection and find out why it is such an important step in the metal finishing process.

Hot Test Fluid Corrosion Protection Additive


Metal Guard 830 HTF is a water-soluble, hot test fluid additive designed for high performance internal combustion engines.

Precise Corrosion Resistance, Lubricity and Decorative Finish


The Metal Guard product
line offers 42 rust preventative variations that are specific to
your needs.

Case Study: Putting The Brakes on Flash Rust

rust cs1

The Challenge
A leading remanufacturer of automotive brake calipers was having problems with flash rust appearing on their finished goods. What was even worse was the fact that the issue was not revealing itself until after the remanufactured parts were already shipped to retail stores and customers were pulling boxes off of store shelves and seeing the surface rust, forcing the chain stores to return the products to the distributor.

A Senior Technical Product Manager for the remanufacturer approached Hubbard-Hall at AAPEX 2015 about solving the flash rust problem, as well as restoring the confidence of the company to distributors of its products.

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Water Based Corrosion Inhibitors

Operating Temperature
(ASTM D-2247)
Metal Guard 800-D11

Ambient.5-5%48 hrs. (Over bare steel)steel, stainless steel
Metal Guard 830 HTF8.2Ambient to 160° F5-20%50 hrs. (Over bare steel)castings, iron, steel
Metal Guard 85011Ambient2-4%36 hrs. (Over bare steel)iron, steel

Water Displacing Rust Preventative for Dip, Spray or Brush Applications

ProductBaseFlash PointFilm CharacteristicCorrosion Protection
(ASTM B-117)
Metal Guard 450Solvent
142°FDry-to-touch48 hrs. (Over black oxide)x
Metal Guard 510Solvent/Oil145°FOily thin film100 hrs. (Over black oxide)x
Metal Guard 560Solvent/Oil142°FOily thin film180 hrs. (Over black oxide)x

Water Emulsifiable Metal Guard Products

ProductRecommended Operating TemperatureConcentrationCorrosion Protection
(ASTM B-117)
Corrosion Protection
(ASTM D-2247)
Metal Guard 320150°F5-20%100 hr. (Black Oxide, 10% solution)
Metal Guard 700Ambient50-100%360 hr. (Bare Steel, 100% solution)x

Wax Emulsions and Acrylic Resins

ProductPropertiesConcentrationCorrosion Protection
(ASTM D-1735)
Film CharacteristicStable Emulsion
Metal Guard 600Acrylic lacquer50-100%Clear hard filmx
Metal Guard 660Styrennated acrylic laquer50-100%Clear hard filmx
Metal Guard 914Wax emulsion50-100%Soft dry filmx
Metal Guard 916Wax emulsion50-100%Clear non-tacky UV-traceable filmx
Metal Guard 919Wax emulsion50-100%120+ hr. of water fog exposureThin dry filmx